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Coupler LED strip 10mm 5050

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€ 1,75 incl. VAT
€ 1,45 excl. VAT

Availability: In stock

LED strip connecting piece for processing in LED strip in corner. For type 5050 LED strip
Coupler LED strip 10mm 5050

€ 1,75 incl. VAT
€ 1,45 excl. VAT


Coupler for LED strip 10mm wide.

With this coupling you can easily process your LED strip in a corner yourself. This coupling ensures that your LED strip does not break if you want to process it at a right angle. The connector can only be used on LED strips that have a width of 1 centimeter. You can recognize these LED strips by the 5050 LED's that are mounted. This accessory can be used on 12 and 24 volts. You can NOT use the coupler for an RGB LED strip.

Easy in use

The plastic click system that is attached to the cables makes mounting this accessory child's play. If you have a LED strip with a silicone layer (IP65), you must first remove the silicone layer before mounting. If you have a LED strip without silicone layer (IP33) you can attach this accessory without any effort. The accessory can only be attached at the predetermined places on the LED strip. The place to cut the LED strip is indicated with our LED strips by a pair of scissors that are printed on the strip, after cutting the LED strip you can easily attach the connector of 10mm to both cut pieces.

Other connectivity options

If you have bought a LED strip of the type 3528 you cannot use this connector of 10mm wide, you should use the 8mm wide connector for this. You will find the 8-mm wide coupling piece here.


Weight 0.025 kg




12/24 Volt




1 Piece

Type LED

5050 LED's



Connection cable

15 Centimeters


1 Year

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