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DAF LED DRL unit orange

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DAF LED daytime running lights orange - for DAF XF and CF 106 model - year of construction 2017+ - DAF LED DRL unit - EAN: 7448156814813
DAF LED DRL unit orange

€ 181,50 Incl. VAT
€ 150,00 Excl. VAT


DAF LED daytime running lights orange, suitable for models from construction year 2017. 

Do you want to replace your original white LED daytime running lights from your DAF for an orange color? Then this DRL set may be the set you are looking for. This set consists of four LED plates with which you can change both the left and right module. You can easily replace the originally mounted lighting for this orange variant. At the bottom of the page you will find the steps to follow. This DRL set is only made for a DAF truck of the year 2017+. You can mount this DRL set in both the CF and XF models with a LED module in the headlights. This set is made to fit a DAF and will therefore not fit in another brand of truck. The color that this DAF daytime running light emits is the same as that of your flashing light.

A set consists of four LED plates. Each plate is equipped with two powerful Cree LED's, which will light up the entire module. The circuit boards are exactly the same as the original mounted modules. This makes this a plug and play product and you do not have to adjust anything in your original lamp. Because the LED module is made of high-quality material, a long life is guaranteed. In short, by mounting this LED lighting in your DAF you can be sure that you can go on the road illuminated at all times. This orange DAF LED daytime running light does not have an E-mark. That is why you must reinstall the original for the APK.


To install the orange LED daytime running lights in your DAF truck, you must follow the following steps. The installation of the LED lighting will take about half an hour per headlamp. Figure 3 shows an example of how the set will eventually light up after installation.

  • You take off the front grille with 4 bolts with which it is attached.
  • After this you can access the 4 bolts that fix the headlight.
  • Remove the headlight from the car and disconnect the plugs.
  • Now you can access the original LED units from the back, it is fixed with 3 bolts.
  • Swap the original LED unit for the orange LED unit.
  • Put everything back as disassembled.

Do you not only want to replace the orange LED daytime running lights on your DAF XF or CF? But are you looking for more LED lighting that you can mount in or around your DAF? Then take a look at the page DAF lighting


Weight0.635 kg




24 volt


Orange, White

Color LED



1 Set





Type of lighting

Daytime running lights


Daytime running lights, City lights

Cable connection

DAF plug

Number of LED's

4 LED's


Recessed mounting


Not waterproof










1 Year

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