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HB3 LED lamp set 12/24 Volt white

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Set HB3 LED lamps for 12 & 24 volt use. 

With this lamp set you can replace your original HB3 halogen lamps for LED lamps. You can mount these HB3 LED lamps, for example, in the fog light of your car, truck, camper or tractor. You can also mount this HB3 LED lamp in the low beam of your motorcycle. With this set mounted in your vehicle, you can ensure better visibility on the road. You also ensure that you become more visible to other road users. A disadvantage of this HB3 set is that it does not have an E-mark, so you may not use this lighting on public roads. At the bottom of the page is an explanation why LED replacement lamps do not have an E-mark.

You can use this HB3 LED lamp on both 12 and 24 volts. This allows you to mount this LED lamp in your low beam of, for example, your car, motorcycle, truck, tractor or camper. Because the lamp works up to 32 volts, it is also protected against peak voltage. View the dimensions on photo 3 to make sure you can mount the HB3 LED lamps. These lamps are longer from the socket than the normal HB3 lamp.

Light output:

The light output per LED lamp is 1800 Lumen, so with a set mounted you come to a total of 3600 Lumen. You will often find an HB3 lamp in the fog light or large light part of your vehicle.

CAN bus:

If you own a vehicle in which the CAN-bus system is mounted, these HB3 LED lamps are not suitable for your car, truck or motorcycle. The canbus system ensures that you receive a notification on your dashboard as soon as a lamp is defective. Because these LED lamps require less power than a normal halogen lamp, your canbus system will consider them to be defective and will place a message on your dashboard.

Is this HB3 lamp not what you are looking for? Then take a look at the page low beam / fog light you may find here the LED lamp you are looking for.

Why does this LED lamp not have an E-mark:

Replacement headlamps must meet European standards for safety, water tightness and short circuit prevention (ECE-R37). These standards are based on the incandescent and halogen lamp of the past. LED replacement headlamps cannot meet those standards because there is no filament in them. That is why they do not receive the E-mark R37 and may therefore not be used officially on public roads. Drivers can be fined by the police during a check even though the light image of the lamp does come through the MOT. You should be allowed to use these HB3 LED lamps on, for example, your own terrain or in racing.


Weight 1,165 kg



12/24 Volt


Color LED

6000K (xenon white)


2 pieces



Lamp socket

HB3 lamp socket


HB3 lamp


Aluminum, Plastic

Type of lighting

Low beam, Fog light

Number of LED's

2 LED's

Light output

1800 Lumens


Not waterproof


Without E-mark






With 1 year warranty

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