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Swedstuff LED lamp (rechargeable)

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Swedstuff led lamp rechargeable with flash - EAN: 7323030178161
Swedstuff led lamp rechargeable with flash - EAN: 7323030178161 Swedstuff led lamp rechargeable with flash - EAN: 7323030178161 Swedstuff led lamp rechargeable with flash - EAN: 7323030178161 ADL90010 - LED work lamp with battery - EAN: 7323030178161

€70,00 Excl. VAT €84,70 incl. 21% VAT

Beschikbaarheid: In stock

Swedstuff led lamp rechargeable with flash - EAN: 7323030178161
Swedstuff LED lamp (rechargeable)

€70,00 Excl. VAT €84,70 incl. 21% VAT


Swedstuff LED lamp rechargeable with built-in flash and magnet. 

Are you looking for a rechargeable LED work that is also equipped with a warning lamp? Then this LED lamp from brand Swedstuff may be the lamp you are looking for. This is a LED lamp that does what is expected of it. The Swedstuff LED lamp rechargeable is equipped with 9 LEDs. The 9 LEDs together provide a light output of 1296 Lumen. This ensures that you are clearly visible both during the day and in the evening. The LED lamp is also equipped with a magnet on the bottom. This allows you to easily put the lamp away during your work. The total weight of the lamp is 750 grams. 

To make sure that the Swedstuff LED rechargeable lamp is suitable for your work. We have written down a number of properties below. All this to make it clear to you why this may be the LED lamp you are looking for. The rechargeable LED lamp has, among other things, the ECE R10 quality mark. The ECE R10 quality mark means that the lamp will not cause any interference during activation, for example on your radio signal. The LED lamp is also provided with the IP65 quality mark. This quality mark means that the LED lamp is fullledig dust and waterproof. To top it all off, the LED lamp comes with a 12v and 230v charging cable. This way you can charge the LED lamp at all times, wherever you are.


To ensure that you can place the LED lamp where you want, we have noted the dimensions below. The dimensions of the rechargeable LED lamp with warning lamp of the brand Swedstuff are as follows:

  • Height: 201 mm
  • Width: 105 mm

This rechargeable LED work lamp has the following four functions. You can change it by pressing the MODE button. The options are as follows:

  1. Worklight
  2. Work light dimmed
  3. Flash function white
  4. Flash function orange
Other versions: 

Do you want a LED work light from the Swedstuff brand? But is the rechargeable LED work light with magnet not the model you are looking for? Then know that the LED work light from Swedstuff is also available in various other versions. View the various options that Swedstuff offers below. 

Still think that the Swedstuff LED work light with battery is not what you are looking for? Simply because the light output or wattage is not high enough or even too high? Be sure to take a look at our page work lights. You may find the lamp model you are looking for here. 


Gewicht 1,115 kg




12 volts


Orange, White, Black

Color LED

6500K (white), Orange


1 Piece



Type of lighting

Flash, Work lamp


Warning Light, Work Light

Number of LED's

9 LED's




18 Watt

Light output

1300 Lumen

Cable length

1 meter














1 Year


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  1. Waardering 3 uit 5

    Jim De Bolster (verified owner) -

    I bought 3 of these work lights, but not very happy with them. I don't think the working capacity is long for a led lamp, they go out quickly. Even when not in use, the batteries run out quickly. I did the test, charge all 3 completely, wait 1 day and put it back on the charger and 2 of the 3 lamps had to be charged again. I can't find anywhere how long they actually burn.

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