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Festoon LED white 41mm 24V (2 pieces)

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Festoon LED tube lamp 41mm for 24 volt use - color 6000K Xenon White - EAN: 6090543093045
Festoon LED white 41mm 24V (2 pieces)

€ 7,20 Incl. VAT
€ 5,95 Excl. VAT


Festoon LED lamp white (6500K) 41mm 24v with 6-smd, suitable for 24 volt use. 

Are you looking for a LED lamp that you can exchange for your originally mounted Festoon halogen lamp? Then this white festoon LED lamp may be the lamp you are looking for. The LED lamp is equipped with 6 LED's and is supplied per set of 2 pieces. The LED lamp has a light output that you can compare with a 10w halogen lamp. The festoon LED tube lamp white 41mm can only be used on 24v. This means that you can use the LED lamp for example in your truck, camper or trailer. To make sure the LED white tube lamp fits. If the originally installed lamp should be the same as that in picture 3. If this does not match, the festoon LED white 41mm 24v will not fit.

To make sure that the festoon LED lamp white 41mm 24v is suitable for your vehicle or trailer, we have written a number of specifications below. All this to make it clear to you why this may be the LED lamp you are looking for. The LED lamp has, among other things, the ECE R10 quality mark. This quality mark means that the lamp will not cause any interference during activation, for example on your radio signal. The LED tube lamp can also be used up to 30 volts, which means that the LED lamp is protected against peak voltage that can occur when starting your vehicle. In short, this is a perfect festoon 24 volt LED tube lamp white that you can use, for example, as interior lighting for your truck or trailer. 


To make sure that you can mount the festoon LED tube lamp white 24 volt where you want, we have noted the dimensions below. The dimensions of the white LED lamp with festoon connection are as follows:

  • Length: 41 mm
  • Width: 11mm

Please note, these LED lamps are not CAN-Bus proof. This means that this lamp can report a defective lamp on your dashboard. This mainly applies to newer models of cars, trucks are often excluded. Additional lamps such as spotlights or skylights are also excluded from the CAN-Bus system. 

Other colors:

Are you looking for a festoon LED lamp, but the LED tube lamp white for 24 volt use is not the color you are looking for? Then know that the festoon LED white 41mm 24v is also available in the following colors:

Why does this festoon LED lamp not have an E-mark:

Replacement lamps must comply with European standards regarding safety, watertightness and the prevention of short circuits (ECE-R37). These standards are based on the incandescent and halogen lamps of the past. LED replacement lamps cannot meet those standards. The reason is because there is no filament in it. As a result, this LED lamp does not receive the ECE R37 quality mark and can therefore officially not be used on public roads. You may use the festoon LED tube lamp white 24 volts on, for example, your own terrain or in racing.


Weight0.082 kg




24 volt



Color LED

6500K (white)


2 pieces



Lamp socket



C5W tube lamp



Type of lighting

Interior lighting

Number of LED's

6 LED's


Not waterproof










6 Months

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