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Poppy Grace Mate Jasmine

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€ 13,45 incl. VAT
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Availability: In stock

Poppy Grace Mate Jasmine - air freshener for car, truck, office, living room, bedroom and more - long lasting smell of at least 3 months - EAN: 8719689706005
Poppy Grace Mate Jasmine

€ 13,45 incl. VAT
€ 11,12 excl. VAT


Poppy Grace Mate Jasmine, workplace air freshener and more. 

Are you looking for a good smelling air freshener that you can place in or at your workplace? Then this Jasmine-smelling scent of the brand Poppy Grace Mate may be the air freshener you are looking for. By placing the Poppy Grace Mate air freshener in your truck cabin, for example, you ensure that your cabin smells fresh at all times. You can also use the Poppy air freshener in, for example, a living room, office or bedroom. Because the air freshener lasts about 3 months, it will smell nice for a long time in the room where you place the air freshener. At the top, the air freshener has a screw cap with which you can determine the strength that will be spread. To make the air freshener work, you must first remove the plastic protective cap that is under the cap upon receipt. 

To make sure that the Poppy Grace Mate Jasmine air freshener is suitable for your vehicle or workplace, we have written a number of specifications below. All this to make it clear to you why this might be the air freshener you are looking for. The air freshener is provided with a glass bottle, this ensures that the smell does not just disappear from the bottle. To prevent the bottle from falling over, it is supplied with double-sided tape. With the tape you can secure the bottle in the place of your choice. You can also provide the air freshener with a LED ring. You will find the Poppy Grace Mate LED rings here

Other scents:

Is this Poppy Grace Mate Jasmine not the version you are looking for? Then know that the air freshener is also available in the following scents:

Are you of the opinion that the air freshener is not what you are looking for? Simply because the color or shape is not to your liking? Be sure to take a look at our page Poppy air freshener. You may find the fragrance or LED lamp you are looking for here.


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