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Strands IZE LED flash - clear glass

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Strands IZE LED warning lamp - LED strobe with clear glass - LED block lamp - EAN: 7323030001261
Strands IZE LED flash - clear glass

€ 151,25 Incl. VAT
€ 125,00 Excl. VAT


Strands IZE LED flash clear glass with warning lamp function, suitable for 24 volt use. 

Are you looking for a LED rear light with which you can compose your Danish rear bumper yourself? Then this LED rear light from brand Strands may be the lamp you are looking for. The LED lamp is equipped with 56 LEDs. The 56 LEDs ensure that you can hit the road well lit with low power consumption. This ensures that you are clearly visible both during the day and in the evening. The 3 chamber LED rear light with red glass of the brand Strands can only be used on 24 volts. This means that you can only mount this LED lighting on, for example, a truck or trailer.

To make sure that the LED flash tail light with clear glass is suitable for your truck or trailer, we have written a number of specifications below. All this to make it clear to you why this may be the LED lamp you are looking for. The IZE LED flash of the brand Strands is, among other things, provided with the ECE R10 quality mark. This quality mark means that the lamp will not cause any interference during activation, for example on your radio signal. To finish it off, the LED lamp comes with 2.5 meters of cable. 


To ensure that you can mount the LED lamp wherever you want, we have noted the dimensions below. The dimensions of the Strands IZE LED Clear Glass Flash are as follows:

  • Height: 110mm
  • Width: 130mm
  • Thickness: 45mm
Other models:

Do you want a square LED rear light? But is the flash version not what you are looking for? Then know that the LED lamp is also available as a reversing lamp or 3-chamber taillight. The matching LED rear lights of the brand Strands can be found here: 

Are you of the opinion that this LED rear light is not what you are looking for? Simply because the color or voltage is not to your liking? Be sure to take a look at our page tail lights. You may find the lamp model you are looking for here. 


Weight0.775 kg




24 volt


Orange, Transparent

Color LED



1 Piece



Type of lighting

Tail light


Warning light

Number of LED's

56 LED's


3.6 Watt

Cable length

2.5 meters





Type E approval









2 Years

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